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Late this Tuesday evening, west coast time, the New Moon will arrive in the sign of the earthly goddess -- Virgo. The themes that come to mind for manifestation during this fertile time include our health, our ability to work without distraction, conquering our to do lists, taking care of our own well being, and being of service to others. Virgo is a 'responsible' sign, and thrives on organization and a sense of accomplishment in our daily lives. This New Moon is highlighting our ability to thrive in our daily mundane activities, and how to be more conscious in our daily rituals.

For anyone who is self employed, it certainly helps to strengthen one's Virgo qualities. If you can't be responsible for your own daily work, who will? But in order to be most effective in our work, Virgo tells us we must find balance between work and play. After a full day of work, we need time to put up our feet and to spend time with our loved ones. There is a balance that must be achieved in order to stay happy, healthy and sane in our daily lives. 

We are still coming off of the intense energies of the Eclipses in August. This New Moon is a continuation of those themes and goals we set last month. We are taking the next practical steps towards achieving our goals and our destiny. Though we are being reminded of all the work that is still ahead of us, she is telling us to also celebrate all the small victories. As you create your 'to do lists' at this time, congratulate yourself for every little task you check off. The Universe is supporting you right now as you take care of business!

The New Moon occurs at 27 degrees Virgo and is square Saturn and opposing Chiron. These are no small matters. Saturn will be presenting an obstacle or two in our paths. A challenge that we can overcome and learn from. Chiron will be highlighting where we still need healing in our lives. Pay attention to what comes up for you emotionally, and shine a light there. This is not a time to ignore difficulties. We are called to face them and work through them with love and compassion.  

We may experience moments of anxiety and nervous tension. Remember to take care of yourself during this time. Virgo rules our health, and if we allow stress to take over -- we may find ourselves stuck in bed with a nasty cold!

Overall, this is an excellent time to clean house and get organized. Venus will be joining the Virgo party, showing us that there is natural beauty all around us. De-clutter your home and workspace and spend some time outdoors to connect with nature. The earth goddess beckons us to get grounded in our bodies and the spaces we occupy. 

Read your New Moon horoscope below to find out how this moon phase affects you more personally. These short readings are based on astrological transits and intuitive readings, and they apply to your rising (or ascendant), sun and moon signs.


  • ARIES:  How do you envision your ideal day? Make a plan for how you organize your day, including work, down time and fun activities. You are being challenged to find enjoyment in the work that you do, and having a clear plan of how to make that happen is the key to success. 


  • TAURUS:  Dear Taurus, you look to be starting a new creative project of some kind. This is something to be really excited about! Expect doors to open and fresh new beginnings. You are also especially fertile at this time, so this makes an excellent time for conceiving if this is a goal for you. 


  • GEMINI:  Are you moving to a new city or into a new home? There is lots of movement and new beginnings around family and home for you right now. You may also be going on a trip to visit relatives or beloved ancestors. 


  • CANCER:  This is an excellent time to work on effective communication with coworkers or those in your community. Think about what your role is, and how you can be most effective with your talents. You may be looking take a special course or two. Research and be clear about what you want before you commit to this new area of study.


  • LEO:  There looks to be an opportunity to earn some extra income. You are being called to act quickly, as this opportunity may not stick around. It's time to get serious about your powers of manifestation. 


  • VIRGO:  Dear Virgo, the stars are speaking to you! This is your time to shine by using your talents in being of service to others. Step up your game and realize your greatest potential. 


  • LIBRA:  You are preparing for your next big move. Until then, find joy and grace with where you are currently. You are being called to go within. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition at this time. They will be giving you hints for what is to come. 


  • SCORPIO:  Have you been distracted lately from pursuing your dreams? I see this New Moon as a reminder to be brave and remain focused on your pursuits. As you conquer your obstacles, you may be disrupting the collective somehow. But you keep doing you! 


  • SAGITTARIUS:  The doors keep opening for you when it comes to career and your place in the world. People are noticing you, dear Sagittarius. You are able to hold a certain grace and confidence now, and people want to listen to what you have to say. 


  • CAPRICORN:  Your faith is somehow being challenged now. You may be questioning your spiritual foundation or that of others. Or it could be that you are facing challenges with foreign affairs of some kind. Go within and set your personal priorities. Find faith in yourself.


  • AQUARIUS:  Dear Aquarius, what parts of your life are you saying goodbye to? Before a fresh new chapter can emerge, you must first clear up some emotional matters. This is a deeply transformational time for you. Give yourself the nurturing and healing you need. 


  • PISCES:  Have you been disappointed in your partner lately? Whether it's your romantic or business partner, I see a change of course. Let go of previous expectations and see how you can be most effective working a bit more on your own. Think about what your personal goals are, and how you can get yourself there. 


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By now, you've probably heard about the solar eclipse that will be occurring this Monday. This eclipse will begin just south of where I live, on the Oregon coast, and it will work its way across the whole United States. There is much anticipation as we see the traffic in Oregon increase and we get closer to the date.. but what exactly is going on from an Astrological perspective?

I can tell you, there is a wide variety of interpretation out there. Eclipses like this one are rare, and Astrologers are pretty excited about the possibilities. One thing is for certain though, because we are at the heart of the location of this eclipse, those of us living in the United States are most deeply impacted

The eclipse is of course also a New Moon and occurs at 28 degrees Leo. The last Full Moon we had was a Lunar Eclipse occurring in the opposing sign of Aquarius. The Aquarius opposing Leo energies bring up issues concerning the majority 'people' versus those in power. Aquarius is concerned with human rights and humanitarian efforts, while Leo can be concerned with expressing stronger leadership and exerting power over others. Not to say that Leo is bad, because we need strong leaders in order to move forward in our societies.

Leo is a regal sign and represents those in prominent leadership positions: monarchies, presidents, the Pope etc.. You can probably see where I'm going with this -- our American politics are greatly affected by this eclipse. We can already feel the 'eclipse drama' from the past couple weeks.  It has been dramatic to say the least!

A solar eclipse, especially a total eclipse, is like a major re-boot button. There are often sudden and unexpected changes. Some great and some terrible, but all are necessary for pursuing our individual destinies. Often our feelings and reactions to these situations are exaggerated. I think of the 'Tower' or 'Death' card in Tarot, which signify sometimes abrupt ending and removal of old ways. Keep in mind, these cards are often welcome messages, telling us an old and unfavorable cycle is ending.

Each of us are affected uniquely, depending on where the eclipse occurs in our chart. Please note, this is an especially good time for manifesting what you desire for the next six months and beyond.  Be open for opportunities and be ready to take action. Here is a little clue as to where the eclipse might be affecting you in your life. These short readings are based on astrological transits and intuitive readings. This applies to rising signs, sun signs (and moon signs even). 

  • ARIES:  This is a time to reconnect with love, passion, creativity and what inspires you. Seek out what your heart desires.  This is also an excellent time to connect with children or get in touch your inner playful child. 


  • TAURUS:  There may be some hardships with family relationships. Seek better understanding of past events and engage better communication with family members moving forward. Some clarity will make all the difference and put you back on track. Be prepared for some major 'aha' moments. 


  • GEMINI:  Strength and perseverance is needed now as you tackle obstacles concerning communication or travel. You may be learning a new skill or taking an accreditation course to change things up in your career. Let your curiosity be your guide. 


  • CANCER:  Money and possessions are on your mind. How can you make more money and feel more secure? There are opportunities to earn extra cash on a side hustle or perhaps a raise on a current career path. Realize your self worth and step up your game. 


  • LEO:  This eclipse is all about you dear Leo. BIG changes are coming, and I'm sure you can already feel it. What changes are you hoping to make, and how can you use your leadership skills to get there? There may be dramatic shifts outside of your control, but you can stay dedicated to what matters most. Take some time to get in touch with your truest goals, and this means connecting with your heart.


  • VIRGO:  Your skills, dear Virgo, will be greatly appreciated during this time. You have an ability to nurture and be of service to others like no other. During this time you will also want to be taking care of yourself, by getting plenty of rest and time in solitude. Let go of the worries and problems of others that you cannot control. If you haven't tried meditation, perhaps this is the time. 


  • LIBRA:  What is your role among your peers and friend groups? You are being challenged to take a more active role in your community. Libras like to please, and sometimes they lose their identity within a group in order to 'fit in'. Let your unique talents shine. Don't worry, they will love you just the way you truly are. This is also a great time for taking your internet business or social media marketing to the next level. 


  • SCORPIO:  I see possibilities for an exciting new job or entirely new career path for you Scorpio. Through your leadership and vision, there is the opportunity to start something new and prosperous. Your positive and graceful interaction with others are key to your success.


  • SAGITTARIUS:  You are on the move! Dear to your heart, traveling and experiencing other ways are life are on your agenda. There are opportunities for you to speak up publicly during this time -- about important world type issues. Some of you will likely be headed off to university for the first or second or third time. Keep broadening your mind and sharing your wisdom with others.


  • CAPRICORN:  Dear Capricorn, I see you battling some bad habits or oppressive types of situations. This eclipse will bring opportunities to end these negative cycles that can be so hard to let go of. The bad vibes, once dealt with, will be quickly replaced by compassionate and caring love by an important person in your life. Transformation and intimacy go hand in hand. 


  • AQUARIUS:  A brand new partnership may be in your near future. Whether it's a business partnership, or a domestic partner/marriage type partner, this person will play a key role in your life in the months to come. Be patient. Most likely this person will be making the first move. You have much to give a partnership at this time. 


  • PISCES:  This eclipse is giving you opportunities to be of service to others, and most importantly -- to be a good friend to others in need. I sense you have much wisdom to impart, and you are able to help those who are perhaps suffering the most during these turbulent times. Those with a Pisces heart are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and are willing to give themselves completely. Make sure to take care of yourself first, especially your health, so that you have the energy to be most successful. 



Cancer New Moon: Joy + Creativity

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I'm feeling so thankful for this beautiful summer day today on the New Moon in Cancer. This has been a long, dark and cold winter for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, and the clouds have parted. With the welcoming of summer, we have four planets recently entering the sign of Cancer. This water sign is allowing us to get more deeply in touch with our sensitive and inward selves.

Thankfully, the stars have aligned for some highly positive feelings this week. As we look forward to what the Summer season has in store, the overall vibe is lighter and brighter. Cancer is a cardinal sign, thus magnifying the desire to start something new. Through our heightened sensitivities and feelings, we tap into our source of creativity. You may be feeling more inspired around such personal matters as your home, your garden, and your family. Cancer rules our deep connection to home and family. Because Cancer is a water sign, you be feeling drawn to anything water related. Surfs up!

Whatever it is that you feel inspired to start right now, remember to connect with what brings you joy. I'm feeling a big connection with child like energy with this New Moon. We are ready to be feeling not so serious. One month ago now, I adopted my corgi puppy. She is a constant reminder to me to take breaks from work and make time for play. Just because something is fun, doesn't mean it isn't important. Who knows where it may lead you. 

Take a moment today to embrace your inner child and think about what you are connecting with on this Cancer New Moon. 

Happy New Moon + Summer Solstice!

Spirit + Home,

Taurus New Moon: Love + Prosperity

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Early tomorrow morning (Wednesday), the New Moon occurs at 6 degrees Taurus. I feel this is a welcome fresh energy that offers much needed grounding for many. Taurus is a steady Earth sign and is ruled by the loving planet -- Venus. Our goals are no longer just in the exciting 'idea' realm. We are now called to birth these ideas into the physical world. 

Taurus rules the area of our wealth and our values. This next lunar cycle may bring us opportunities to increase our prosperity. The money won't just land in our laps, however, we must work for it. We must show the world our 'value' and  allow the rewards to follow.

Mercury is still retrograde until May 3rd, but for a brief period the planet has a friendly trine with Saturn. This further reinforces the New Moon's message that we are working within reality, but we are supported creatively. This sign of Taurus is known for its creativity and steady work ethic. 

When setting intentions for this New Moon, I would suggest focusing on one or all of these questions:

  1.  What talents and abilities do I have currently that I feel are most valuable, and how can I further support those talents? What abilities do I want to further my expertise?
  2. What are my goals to increase prosperity or bring more of what I value into my life?
  3. What idea do I most want to birth into the physical world and have succeed?

Now I've just pulled a couple Tarot cards for further clarification: the Two of Cups and the Eight of Wands. As I've seen in several readings lately, the message of partnership is vital right now. Our co-creators, our friends, our significant others, and business partners will help us to reach our dreams and meet our goals. We are not meant to walk this path alone right now. I also see that opportunities are coming our way very quickly, and we may need to act with speed and efficiency. No need to wait -- the time is now!

Happy New Moon.

Spirit + Home,

Aries New Moon : Finding Inspiration

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At about 8:00pm tomorrow, the New Moon occurs in the fiery hot sign of Aries at 7 degrees. Since the first day of Spring, I've been anticipating this moment. New Moons always indicate a fresh new cycle, but Aries absolutely amplifies this urgency for new beginnings. 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates a time of rebirth and creative inspiration for all things new. Aries people tend to be eager, positive, youthful, hyper and often impatient. I've certainly noticed people's excitement around me lately, and a yearning to connect with what truly makes them happy. I have also witnessed those who have been forced out of unhappy circumstances, through the loss of a job or relationship. At this time, we are right in the middle of a big transition period. It may be painful at times getting through, but sunnier skies are on the horizon. 

The Aries New Moon conjuncts the loving planet Venus. This aspect is particularly interesting because Venus is currently in a retrograde cycle. Before we embark on our exciting new adventures, we are being called to first go within. New beginnings first start from within -- when we feel inspired. With Venus here, there is a message of self love. What nourishes us and heals us? Whatever actions we take under the New Moon, they should be done based on love. Most importantly, for love of ourselves. 

We may also feel inspired to work out old problems with a fresh new perspective. How do we breath new life into 'old' ideas? By just updating or 'upgrading' our beliefs and values, we have the ability to greatly transform our lives. 

Soon to follow, on April 9th, Mercury will station retrograde and will remain retrograde for the entire month. I think this will be an interesting time, but possibly a frustrating time. We have five planets in energetic Aries wanting to go full steam ahead, but Mercury will be forcing us to sloooooow down and pump the brakes a bit. During Mercury retrograde we should not rush to make final decisions or sign important contracts. We may need to renegotiate a deal or work out some necessary details. We are called to be patient and remain flexible till perhaps we have more clarity on a situation. 

I've pulled a couple Tarot cards for inspiration on how to best move through the Mercury Retrograde cycle. We have the Four of Wands and the Six of Cups. Right away I get a sense that immersing yourself in what brings you joy is important. Spend time with good friends and have some fun. Make sure to make time for social gatherings and parties. Our relationships will keep us steady and keep us sane!  

Returning to the New Moon -- this is a key time to plant some seeds to be bloomed this Spring. Take a moment to jot down some inspiring ideas for what you would like to birth over the next few months. Focus on the heart as you do this, and only good things will come to you. 

Spirit + Home,

Manifesting Positivity + Individuality

Suzy Olsen

New Moon in Aquarius

At 4:07 this afternoon (Pacific Time), we will have a New Moon in airy Aquarius. As you may know, a New Moon is an excellent time for setting our intentions and manifesting our dreams. This particular New Moon beckons us to celebrate our individuality, despite what social pressures we may feel. Aquarius is all about being unique and striving for the freedom to fully embrace our authentic selves. Even though Aquarius calls on our independent spirits, it also reflects the importance of groups and coming together for the higher good. After all, by placing importance on individual freedom, we do good by all. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, and its energy instills a clear message of social responsibility. This may require rebelling against convention, but it is done with love for our communities. 

Take a moment to think about how you can harness this Aquarius New Moon energy. What would you like to manifest in the next six months? What new path can you take to follow your truth most authentically, and how can we each do our part to make the World a better place? There is much global change happening that may feel out of our control, but we must remember that we each play a unique and vital part in our communities. 

Spirit + Home,

New Moon in Capricorn

Suzy Olsen

New Moon in Capricorn

Early this morning we had a New Moon in Capricorn. This is a beautiful time for new beginnings, new intentions and manifesting our dreams. The Moon is all about passion, and Capricorn energy has plenty. Plus, it just so happens we have a New Year starting in just a few days -- perfect timing with all the astrological energy occurring now. Mercury remains retrograde in Capricorn for another 10 days or so, beckoning us to take time to reflect on the past year of 2016. What did you accomplish this year and what do you hope to accomplish in 2017? Capricorn energy is all about ambition, and is especially in tune with our greater purpose in life. Reflect on where have you been successful and productive, and imagine what new opportunities this may awaken for you. This is the ideal time to set your intentions, so take a moment today if you can to jot down some ideas.

Uranus has been retrograde since this past summer, and goes direct tomorrow. This planetary motion going direct fuels our inspiration and creativity. We feel motivated to follow our personal dreams! It seems the 'heavens' are here to support the power of the individual in the New Year. Trust your intuition as you take steps towards your most inspirational goals. 

Saturn, the planet of rules and restrictions, is now in favorable aspect to Uranus and Jupiter. Jupiter means expansion and opportunity. The relationship between these planets is further favoring this time for creativity and originality. New opportunities are going to made available to us, but we must keep working hard and remain open to receive them. Stay positive and keep dreaming. 

Astrology readings at Chariot - November 12th!

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Recently, the 'good luck planet' Jupiter shifted into the peaceful and loving sign of Libra. This means major shifts are occurring in a certain area of your life allowing you to find new opportunities and positive avenues for growth. Find out what this Libra transit means for you as an individual, and how you can make the most of this energy to fulfill your dreams and bring more beauty into your life. 

This is a great way to delve further into your birth chart beyond the Sun, Moon and rising sign (Ascendant). No worries though if you are new to astrology because this a sweet way to get your feet wet. You will be met where you are at! 

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