Manifesting Positivity + Individuality

Suzy Olsen

New Moon in Aquarius

At 4:07 this afternoon (Pacific Time), we will have a New Moon in airy Aquarius. As you may know, a New Moon is an excellent time for setting our intentions and manifesting our dreams. This particular New Moon beckons us to celebrate our individuality, despite what social pressures we may feel. Aquarius is all about being unique and striving for the freedom to fully embrace our authentic selves. Even though Aquarius calls on our independent spirits, it also reflects the importance of groups and coming together for the higher good. After all, by placing importance on individual freedom, we do good by all. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, and its energy instills a clear message of social responsibility. This may require rebelling against convention, but it is done with love for our communities. 

Take a moment to think about how you can harness this Aquarius New Moon energy. What would you like to manifest in the next six months? What new path can you take to follow your truth most authentically, and how can we each do our part to make the World a better place? There is much global change happening that may feel out of our control, but we must remember that we each play a unique and vital part in our communities. 

Spirit + Home,