Suzy Olsen


Photo by NASA.

Photo by NASA.


On July 12th, at 7:45pm, we welcome the Cancer New Moon. This is a particularly active New Moon, as it is a partial solar eclipse and opposes transformational Pluto in serious Capricorn. Eclipses act as gateways to new chapters in our lives. I often think of them as 'leveling up' somehow on our life path. Changes and opportunities can come suddenly, but the entirety of the event will be felt over the next six months or so. Because this is a partial eclipse, I'm thinking of it as a light appetizer to the entire meal that is to come. 

With the sun and moon joined in watery Cancer, we are deeply connected to our emotions at this time. Retrograde Pluto and Mars may be triggering some fear or frustration, and it's important that we find healthy ways to process these emotions. The sign of Cancer is the mother of the Zodiac, and she wishes to nurture and to heal. Her sensitivity may be seen as a weakness to some, but she is mighty and strong in her reserve. The sign of Cancer is cardinal, and is good at solving problems creatively. 

There is an opportunity at this time to clear the air and start anew. If conflicts arise, approach resolutions differently than you have in the past. This does not mean being a push over by any means, but be wary of feeding into any drama that surrounds you at this time. Be clear in your priorities, set clear intentions, keep a clear head, and create any necessary boundaries. The priorities for Cancer are always their family, home and loved ones. 

This New Moon also has a lot of positive manifestation power working for it, as it trines joyful Jupiter and dreamy Neptune. Jupiter is now finally going direct, and is ushering in some good fortune wherever it lies in your chart. Despite some other challenging aspects, this is a very promising start to this lunar cycle!

We also have a grand earth trine occurring between loving Venus, serious Saturn and radical Uranus. I love this blend of energies in the earth signs, as it helps to materialize our dreams into the physical. Uranus brings exciting opportunities and Saturn makes it real. There is real opportunity to realize a dream with some work and practical planning.

In summary, this is an exciting time for many. We may be feeling more motivated to move in a new direction, and the universe will be presenting an opportunity or two for us to evolve immensely. There will likely be some bumps in the road along the way, and they will test our reserves. We may question our path at times because it feels too challenging. The advice I'm hearing is to stay focused on your long term goals. Know that it will take time and work, but that it will all be worth the ride.