New Moon Eclipse in Leo: Living through the heart.

Suzy OlsenComment
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Artwork from the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck.

Late last evening evening, or early this morning, (Pacific Time) we welcome the new moon in the sign of mighty Leo. And yet again, we have another solar eclipse in the sign of the regal the lion. 

This is the last Leo solar eclipse we will see until the year 2027. So what does this particular solar eclipse mean for us now? We can look for clues if we look back at what was occurring on the last Leo solar eclipse, which occurred August 21st of last year. This was the 'Great American Eclipse', as it was visible in much of the United States. 

Think back to what events were taking place in your life at that time. Were there any surprises? Big shifts? At this time, events may mirror what we were experiencing last August. We may be concluding a 'story' that began at that time. Or perhaps we have some unfinished business to attend to. 

As with any new moon, we look to fresh new beginnings and what we are hoping to manifest in our lives. With this particular new moon, the energy is a bit unusual in that we have six planets retrograde. When Mercury and other planets are in a retrograde motion, it is often not a good time for starting something new. So what can we do?

I think this is an excellent time to both reflect on the past and simultaneously dream about our futures. All the while, pay attention to subtle queues from the universe. Eclipses are often bringing events, people and circumstances into our lives outside of our control. Thus, we must remain somewhat flexible in our planning. We can certainly dream, but know that the universe will want to have a say in your plans. Pay attention to the messages and be open to a path that is truer and better than you can imagine on your own. 

The New Moon is opposing a retrograde Mars and squaring a retrograde Uranus. Thus, our plans may not go as smoothly as we would like at this time. We are offered a few obstacles to either test us or to put us on a better path. A word that comes to mind is patience as we move forward with any new plans. 

One planet that seems to be offering divine help at this time is Venus, whom recently entered her home sign of Libra. Venus LOVES Libra, so this is a lovely energy all around. She is sextiling this New Moon, offering loving assistance. We may find that our closest partners, lovers and friends are able to help us to cultivate our visions at this time. Relationships seem to be especially important all around in helping us to overcome obstacles and to give us strength. 

Venus in Libra may also be allowing us to find balance within our being. Leo represents the Sun, our sense of self, and our ego. On the bright side of Leo we celebrate our unique self expression, our leadership skills, and our sense of play. The shadow side of Leo gets lost in the ego, and can be burdened by the need of constant adoration or recognition. I believe one of the lessons we are all learning right now is how to balance the ego and the spirit. 

Leo also represents the heart. Our passion for life would not exist if it were not for our meaningful relationships, and Leo knows this. The union of our hearts with our families, our loved ones, and our communities is where we can find true joy during the Leo season. 

In case you are wondering, Mercury will turn direct on the 19th, along with Mars later in the month. Our plans will be put into action much more easily at that time, and communication should be much better all around! 


Happy New Moon!