New Moon in Gemini: the Wisdom of the Twins Awakens

astrologySuzy OlsenComment
Gemini New Moon 2019.jpg

During the early morning of Monday,  June 3rd at 3:02AM PT, the moon will conjoin the sun in the sign of the twins. We are deep within Gemini season, which typically brings plenty of activity our way.  If we are open to this highly active energy, we will find ourselves feeling extra curious and seeking to interact with our surrounding world in interesting new ways. 

You may have noticed that you did not receive a newsletter for the new moon last month. You are not wrong! At the time of the Taurus new moon, I was hosting the Beltane retreat and feeling a need for extra rest. Venus ruled Taurus tells us to 'stop and smell the roses', and that sometimes we must slow down in order to live life to the fullest. Instead of rushing to finish the newsletter, I decided to honor the season and to use the time to better connect with myself and to mother earth. I ate great food and did plenty of laying in the sun surrounded by blooming flowers. Perfect Taurus activities! The Taurus new moon this year was especially auspicious, and I hope you were all able to take some leisure time to enjoy it. 

As you can imagine, the new moon in Gemini has a very different story to tell. As we begin this new lunar cycle, we are asked to be flexible and to remain ever curious. The mutable air energy may be pulling us in several different directions at once. It is up to you to decide what is worthy of your attention. One word: 'prioritize'. 

With a square from Neptune, our original plans may be thwarted or tweaked. Nothing is exactly as it seems, and you may need to do more maneuvering than you are used to. It is OK to have a master plan, but know that plans may need to be adjusted at a moment's notice. Others may be withholding information from you or you may be feeling unsure of yourself or both. Be mindful over the next week and trust that everything will work out in the end as it should.  

The retrograde Jupiter opposes the new moon, and gives us a chance to come back to something grand. We may be revisiting or restarting a beneficial project, partnership or you name it. Regardless, you are probably feeling some excitement and enthusiasm for something new entering your life at this time. Because of the square to Neptune, I would advise having some caution. The grand plans or ideas may not be entirely held in reality at this point, so keep this in mind when moving forward. 

Though our minds may be racing with ideas, we may find that those ideas aren't quite ready to take off. The Jupiter opposition may lift airy Gemini high off the ground, but with nowhere to land. As a result, you may feel your body can't keep up. All the inspiration in the world doesn't necessarily translate to productivity. Give yourself some patience as you move forward, and honor your limitations. 

All in all, this new moon lends itself to a time of great creativity and potential fun. Gemini season connects us with what keeps us young: staying curious, being open to new opportunities, seeking fun, and remaining adaptable to our surroundings. If you think about it, these are truly the qualities of 'youth' ...regardless of your age. The wisdom of Gemini is being able to react and adapt quickly to whatever situation comes your way. 

If difficult feelings do arise in the next couple weeks, consider some Gemini style remedies. Talk about those feelings! Geminis are known for their chatty side, which can be very therapeutic when shared with close friends. If talking doesn't feel right, take some time to do something fun and with movement. Some fun Gemini activities could be roller skating, dancing or going on a road trip. Follow your divine curiosity!