New Moon in Aries: Paving our unique path.

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Mercury has been direct for a few days now and it feels as if spring has truly begun. The next new moon occurs on April 5th at 1:50AM PT in the mighty sign of the warrior. Two weeks ago, the equinox occurred with a full moon in Libra and now we welcome the new lunation at the very center of Aries. 

As we plant the proverbial seeds this spring season, we are being asked to show up with courage and bravery. Aries beckons us to embark on a new and exciting journey. We must pave our own path in a unique and authentic manner. What is this new path you may ask? It should be whatever we are feeling most excited about right now. What is lighting you up most? Perhaps we have been putting off starting something new because of all sorts of excuses. During Aries season, however, there is a passion brewing within us. May this fiery passion ignite this new path and give us the courage to finally take the next steps. 

The new moon has a fiery optimistic side to it, as Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a joyous trine. It's as if our enthusiasm is boundless and our creativity has no limits. Depending on where this new moon occurs in your chart, you may be enthusiastically opening up to a new love relationship, a new home, a new child, a new job, learning a new skill or some other exciting new beginning. We should all be taking advantage of this prosperous Jupiter energy, and allow ourselves some time to follow our 'bliss' during the week following the new moon. 

I'm sorry to say, but this time is not all about what brings us joy. At the same time as the new moon, we will also experience a Pluto, South Node and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn making a hard square to the lunation. I've spoken about all the Capricorn activity before, and now we get to experience the rare occurrence of these planets finally meeting the karmic south node.

First of all, this may feel a bit uncomfortable for many of you. It may feel very uncomfortable, in fact, depending on how it occurs in your own personal chart. For example, some of us born around 1982 will have this Capricorn flurry meeting their natal south node. Hey that's me! This time will be extra potent for releasing old karmic cycles. In general, for all of us, we will be going through a period of transformation of some kind. The universe is asking us to release what is no longer working for us. To let go of what is keeping us from paving our new path to our more authentic selves. 

Pluto shows us what must be sacrificed and released for our well being. The south node confronts us with a certain truth from our karmic past, and a pattern that must be broken. Saturn, the wise one, teaches us that we are stronger than we know. We must accept the necessary changes in order for us to continue to grow and be prosperous long term. 

In summary, we are being asked to release the old in order to usher in the new blessings into our lives. The Aries new moon may give us the courage to make a difficult decision or to view this time as a creative opportunity. We will be experiencing the impact of these occurrences for a long time to come, and the positive steps we take now will make a difference. So make sure to take advantage of any positive momentum during the week following the new moon, and begin paving your unique path!

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Aries New Moon : Finding Inspiration

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At about 8:00pm tomorrow, the New Moon occurs in the fiery hot sign of Aries at 7 degrees. Since the first day of Spring, I've been anticipating this moment. New Moons always indicate a fresh new cycle, but Aries absolutely amplifies this urgency for new beginnings. 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates a time of rebirth and creative inspiration for all things new. Aries people tend to be eager, positive, youthful, hyper and often impatient. I've certainly noticed people's excitement around me lately, and a yearning to connect with what truly makes them happy. I have also witnessed those who have been forced out of unhappy circumstances, through the loss of a job or relationship. At this time, we are right in the middle of a big transition period. It may be painful at times getting through, but sunnier skies are on the horizon. 

The Aries New Moon conjuncts the loving planet Venus. This aspect is particularly interesting because Venus is currently in a retrograde cycle. Before we embark on our exciting new adventures, we are being called to first go within. New beginnings first start from within -- when we feel inspired. With Venus here, there is a message of self love. What nourishes us and heals us? Whatever actions we take under the New Moon, they should be done based on love. Most importantly, for love of ourselves. 

We may also feel inspired to work out old problems with a fresh new perspective. How do we breath new life into 'old' ideas? By just updating or 'upgrading' our beliefs and values, we have the ability to greatly transform our lives. 

Soon to follow, on April 9th, Mercury will station retrograde and will remain retrograde for the entire month. I think this will be an interesting time, but possibly a frustrating time. We have five planets in energetic Aries wanting to go full steam ahead, but Mercury will be forcing us to sloooooow down and pump the brakes a bit. During Mercury retrograde we should not rush to make final decisions or sign important contracts. We may need to renegotiate a deal or work out some necessary details. We are called to be patient and remain flexible till perhaps we have more clarity on a situation. 

I've pulled a couple Tarot cards for inspiration on how to best move through the Mercury Retrograde cycle. We have the Four of Wands and the Six of Cups. Right away I get a sense that immersing yourself in what brings you joy is important. Spend time with good friends and have some fun. Make sure to make time for social gatherings and parties. Our relationships will keep us steady and keep us sane!  

Returning to the New Moon -- this is a key time to plant some seeds to be bloomed this Spring. Take a moment to jot down some inspiring ideas for what you would like to birth over the next few months. Focus on the heart as you do this, and only good things will come to you. 

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