Capricorn New Moon + Year of the Empress

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Tarot artwork by Starchild Tarot. Available for purchase on our website.

Tarot artwork by Starchild Tarot. Available for purchase on our website.

On Saturday, the moon joins the sun exactly centered in earthy Capricorn at 5:28PM PT. This first new moon of the year is a partial eclipse, giving it some extra intensity. We are ushered into a brand new series of eclipses taking place in Capricorn and Cancer, which will take place throughout the year. What we put forth at this Capricorn new moon will bear fruit in many ways throughout the entire year. Where Capricorn and Cancer occur in your natal chart, will tell you much about how these eclipses will affect you personally.. 

Sandwiched between such serious players as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the new moon is summoning us to come up with a plan for 2019. What do you wish to accomplish this year? 2019 is looking to be a mighty eventful year, and the more you can feel grounded in your own 'vision', the better off you will be.

The year 2019 is a collective numerology year '3', and this is an auspicious number for manifestation and creativity. It's no wonder that when I pulled a tarot card to represent the New Moon, I pulled the 3rd Major Arcana card.. theEmpress herself! The Empress represents the power of the divine feminine and our ability to create an abundant life. She is the divine mother of the Tarot, and she has special powers for creating and nurturing new life.

The north node in Cancer, the sign of 'the Mother', further shifts our collective focus towards this divine feminine. It seems no coincidence that 100 years ago, a woman's right to vote was passed in the United States congress. And on this very day, we have a record number of women sworn into U.S. congress. It looks as though women will be having a major impact on world change this year and for years to come.

The South Node, Pluto and Saturn will all be in Capricorn all year long. There is much to process here.. and to release. On a collective level, Capricorn represents the long established patriarchal systems and governments in our society. As old and broken structures are let go, we should expect to see much shifting and changing in these areas around the globe. The North node, in loving and compassionate Cancer, is our beacon as we move through these changes.  Now is the time to recognize the power of feminine wisdom. 

Before we proceed, however, we must return to this Saturday's new moon in Capricorn. We receive a beautiful sextile to Neptune, which expands our awareness and imagination. Jupiter squares Neptune, even greater expanding the scope of this influence. As we make plans for 2019, we are called to dream BIG. These are the types of dreams that we know we are not likely to accomplish this year, but they allow us to think with extra creativity. It gives us the extra push we need to get out of our comfort zone. 

As we expand our imaginations, we may discover a new talent or attract an exciting new project. One way to tap into this Neptune magic is to have a regular spiritual or meditation practice. Also, spending quality time with dear loved ones and friends can expand our thinking. Find ways to get our of your 'head' and connect with your heart. 

In summary, January will tell us a lot about our year to come. Our spirituality and intimate relationships are a big part of this story, as well as the 'work' we are called to do in this life. As we embrace the year of the Empress, I wish you all immense growth, abundance, creativity and love. Happy new moon!

My Four Top Favorite Tarot Decks of All Time

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During this time of year, we are often searching for that special one of a kind gift for someone who has 'all the things'. I have always believed a special tarot deck is the supreme gift for anyone who is looking to develop their intuitive or psychic talents. A tarot deck can also be a special gift to give yourself; an intention set for moving into the new year with a more open and clear 6th chakra or 3rd eye. 

When I was fourteen, I had my first introduction to tarot. My best friend's mother would give us readings on occasion and teach us things like what 'intuition' meant. At that time in my life I was eager for any information on the occult, and I was immediately drawn to using tarot as a tool for connecting with a wisdom beyond my own conscious judgement. 

As you did in the mid 90's, I visited my local bookshop in search of a tarot deck for myself. I had heard the old fable that you are not supposed to gift yourself a deck, but I had a feeling that was nonsense. I also knew I wasn't going to wait around for a tarot deck to appear! 

Out of the few options that were available, I chose a contemporary Celtic style deck. The images were vibrant, and I connected with some of the symbolism. Over the years, this deck did me well. Eventually, I outgrew this first deckand I've purchased many new decks of a wide variety since then. 

I don't wish to bad talk anyone's personal creation, but I have purchased several decks that I later regretted. Sometimes the picture on a cover of a deck does not give you the whole story. Also, I don't know that I truly love a deck until I've worked with it for a good amount of time. I've purchased decks that I will use for three to six months, then all of a sudden I don't pick it up again. 

I'm often asked by beginning tarot readers for recommendations on tarot decks. I thought it might be helpful if I wrote about some of my all time favorite decks. Of course, my favorite tarot decks may not be your favorite decks. You should always be aware of what you are being drawn to, and give yourself some time to figure out what you like. 

Any of the following four decks I believe to be amazing choices for a first time reader or a seasoned expert of tarot... 

1.  Rider Waite Smith Tarot
This deck was first published in 1910, and it is the classic that all modern day decks are based from. The cards were drawn by illustrator Pamela Colman Smith from the instructions of academic and mystic A. E. Waite, and published by the Rider Company. Hands down, this is the deck that I recommend to any beginner of tarot. The artwork is beautiful but simple. The chosen symbols are thoughtful and meaningful to the interpretation of each card. Also, the traditional symbolism will easily translate to most any other tarot deck you are using. The deck is widely available, but be aware that it does come in different versions. An image of the Empress card, one of my favorite in the deck, is shown below:



2.  The Starchild Tarot
I have been using this deck since its birth in 2013, and it is the highest vibrating deck I've ever worked with. This may seem cheesy, but I find the other-worldly imagery so uplifting and transformative. Sacred geometry anyone? If you are the type of person that finds some of the traditional tarot card artwork 'scary', you will love this deck. For example, the Death card is labeled 'Transformation' and the Hanged Man card is labeled 'Perspective'. Thus, the meaning is the same, but there is a shift toward the enlightened viewpoint.

You'll also find that this deck has an additional card, called the Akashic Records. This card does not exist in the first edition, so it is still a bit mysterious to me. But I do love the concept of this additional card. There have been several editions of this deck over the years, with slight evolvements each time. All in all, I am still partial to my original deck for sentimental reasons, but I'm planning to work more with the newest version in 2019.

We are happy to announce we are now carrying this beautiful deck atChariot. If you are interested in purchasing this deck for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, you can purchase in store or online: The Starchild Tarot 

The Starchild Tarot and companion guidebook are pictured below:


3.  The Aquarian Tarot
This deck was first released in 1970. I love the 'flower child' aesthetic that reflects the time, as well as the Art Nouveau influences. David Palladini, the artist, was an art school student attending Pratt Institute when he started creating this deck. The artwork and simple symbolism stand the test of time, and it is a true tarot classic.

Whenever I use this deck with clients, they are somewhat surprised to find out it comes from 1970. There is a certain timelessness to the design. If you are partial to the color palette of this era, you will certainly love this deck. For any artist or creative type, this is a great addition to their collection.

The Aquarian Tarot's Moon card is pictured below:


4.  Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
Though I have not been using this tarot deck near as long as the rest, I have a feeling I will be using it for many years to come. This deck is a true masterpiece, with each card masterfully hand painted with multiple layers of detail. The artwork is executed in a traditional Renaissance style, using such classic techniques as 'Chiaroscuro'.  Yes, I remember something from art history class!

First released in 2016, the deck somehow emanates an authentic 'old world' feel. There are small touches of a contemporary design, however, that make the overall deck feel fresh and very 'now'. What makes this deck utterly unique is all the extra cards included: 5 'holographic' moon phase cards and one extra major arcana card. With my knowledge of astrology and the moon phases, the use of these extra cards has come very natural to me. 

This deck is ideal for any tarot reader who honors the old traditions, but who also wants to dip into something brand new. Chariot is now carrying this deck, along with the beautifully written companion guidebook. You can purchase the tarot deck in store or online: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

The Pagan Otherworlds Major Arcana and Lunar Phase cards are shown below:


Assuredly, there are many more beautiful tarot decks out there that I have yet to work with. I look forward to continuing my own search for powerful tarot decks here and in the future. It is my hope that everyone who is a lover of the occult knowledge and tarot has more than one deck that connects powerfully with them. It is also my hope to powerfully assist others on their personal journeys to connecting with their intuition and the Tarot.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for assistance this December and in the new year of 2019. Many blessings to you.


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Late this Tuesday evening, west coast time, the New Moon will arrive in the sign of the earthly goddess -- Virgo. The themes that come to mind for manifestation during this fertile time include our health, our ability to work without distraction, conquering our to do lists, taking care of our own well being, and being of service to others. Virgo is a 'responsible' sign, and thrives on organization and a sense of accomplishment in our daily lives. This New Moon is highlighting our ability to thrive in our daily mundane activities, and how to be more conscious in our daily rituals.

For anyone who is self employed, it certainly helps to strengthen one's Virgo qualities. If you can't be responsible for your own daily work, who will? But in order to be most effective in our work, Virgo tells us we must find balance between work and play. After a full day of work, we need time to put up our feet and to spend time with our loved ones. There is a balance that must be achieved in order to stay happy, healthy and sane in our daily lives. 

We are still coming off of the intense energies of the Eclipses in August. This New Moon is a continuation of those themes and goals we set last month. We are taking the next practical steps towards achieving our goals and our destiny. Though we are being reminded of all the work that is still ahead of us, she is telling us to also celebrate all the small victories. As you create your 'to do lists' at this time, congratulate yourself for every little task you check off. The Universe is supporting you right now as you take care of business!

The New Moon occurs at 27 degrees Virgo and is square Saturn and opposing Chiron. These are no small matters. Saturn will be presenting an obstacle or two in our paths. A challenge that we can overcome and learn from. Chiron will be highlighting where we still need healing in our lives. Pay attention to what comes up for you emotionally, and shine a light there. This is not a time to ignore difficulties. We are called to face them and work through them with love and compassion.  

We may experience moments of anxiety and nervous tension. Remember to take care of yourself during this time. Virgo rules our health, and if we allow stress to take over -- we may find ourselves stuck in bed with a nasty cold!

Overall, this is an excellent time to clean house and get organized. Venus will be joining the Virgo party, showing us that there is natural beauty all around us. De-clutter your home and workspace and spend some time outdoors to connect with nature. The earth goddess beckons us to get grounded in our bodies and the spaces we occupy. 

Read your New Moon horoscope below to find out how this moon phase affects you more personally. These short readings are based on astrological transits and intuitive readings, and they apply to your rising (or ascendant), sun and moon signs.


  • ARIES:  How do you envision your ideal day? Make a plan for how you organize your day, including work, down time and fun activities. You are being challenged to find enjoyment in the work that you do, and having a clear plan of how to make that happen is the key to success. 


  • TAURUS:  Dear Taurus, you look to be starting a new creative project of some kind. This is something to be really excited about! Expect doors to open and fresh new beginnings. You are also especially fertile at this time, so this makes an excellent time for conceiving if this is a goal for you. 


  • GEMINI:  Are you moving to a new city or into a new home? There is lots of movement and new beginnings around family and home for you right now. You may also be going on a trip to visit relatives or beloved ancestors. 


  • CANCER:  This is an excellent time to work on effective communication with coworkers or those in your community. Think about what your role is, and how you can be most effective with your talents. You may be looking take a special course or two. Research and be clear about what you want before you commit to this new area of study.


  • LEO:  There looks to be an opportunity to earn some extra income. You are being called to act quickly, as this opportunity may not stick around. It's time to get serious about your powers of manifestation. 


  • VIRGO:  Dear Virgo, the stars are speaking to you! This is your time to shine by using your talents in being of service to others. Step up your game and realize your greatest potential. 


  • LIBRA:  You are preparing for your next big move. Until then, find joy and grace with where you are currently. You are being called to go within. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition at this time. They will be giving you hints for what is to come. 


  • SCORPIO:  Have you been distracted lately from pursuing your dreams? I see this New Moon as a reminder to be brave and remain focused on your pursuits. As you conquer your obstacles, you may be disrupting the collective somehow. But you keep doing you! 


  • SAGITTARIUS:  The doors keep opening for you when it comes to career and your place in the world. People are noticing you, dear Sagittarius. You are able to hold a certain grace and confidence now, and people want to listen to what you have to say. 


  • CAPRICORN:  Your faith is somehow being challenged now. You may be questioning your spiritual foundation or that of others. Or it could be that you are facing challenges with foreign affairs of some kind. Go within and set your personal priorities. Find faith in yourself.


  • AQUARIUS:  Dear Aquarius, what parts of your life are you saying goodbye to? Before a fresh new chapter can emerge, you must first clear up some emotional matters. This is a deeply transformational time for you. Give yourself the nurturing and healing you need. 


  • PISCES:  Have you been disappointed in your partner lately? Whether it's your romantic or business partner, I see a change of course. Let go of previous expectations and see how you can be most effective working a bit more on your own. Think about what your personal goals are, and how you can get yourself there. 

TAROT this Saturday

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Have an important question for the universe? Need some spiritual guidance? We will be having tarot readings available at the shop again this Saturday from Noon to 4:00! Stop by anytime or message us to sign up in advance.  

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