CHARIOT is a combination housewares retailer, interior design studio, and spiritual workshop. Located in Astoria, Oregon, we specialize in carrying one of a kind textiles and decor for every area the home, including bedding, area rugs and kitchenware. The products we carry are not only beautiful, but they are meaningful. They give life to a space and serve a purpose -- making a home. 

In spirit, our mission is to carry products that not only have innate beauty but have a ‘soul’. They have a purpose and a story that honors the past, while marrying the old with the new. Think classic ornate details blended with minimalist modern design. 

CHARIOT also offers full interior design services for both residential and commercial projects. We bring a classic style and a fresh, unique and substantive approach to every project. Our mission is to manifest beauty that enriches lives, provides comfort and reflects our customer's most authentic selves. 


Several years ago, I fell in love with the beautiful town of Astoria, Oregon. The old Victorian homes, the misty mornings, the fresh sea breeze air, and the haunting spirits; these all drew me in and I knew that I would eventually make Astoria my home. 

Loving old houses, I eventually found myself a little Victorian on the hill facing the river. She had great bones, but needed some work! Since then, I’ve been pouring love into this old house and making it into my home. 

While designing and renovating my home, CHARIOT was born. I began to form a business that combined my design talents, my passion for antiques, as well as my reverence for the spiritual. 

Throughout the process, I looked to the cards for advice. Again and again, the Chariot card would appear. This ornate and mysterious card began to symbolize the business itself, and I eventually chose it for the name. 

To me, the Chariot tarot card represents bravery, a regal style, and a physical or spiritual journey. This card is ruled by the sign of Cancer, which represents tradition, family and home. I believe Chariot, for me, symbolizes the journey home. 

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Suzy Olsen, Owner of CHARIOT