Join Suzy & Alana of Psychic Siamese Tarot this Spring for our second session of Tarot School in Astoria, Oregon. This unique series of 5 classes is designed to strengthen your tarot wisdom and intuition. We will dive deeply into the history and origins of the cards, tarot symbolism, crafting spreads and meaningful questions, and how to intuitively read tarot for yourself.  Each class will combine in-depth instruction, hands-on practical application, one-on-one mentoring, and opportunities for working with your own deck. Our goal is to give you the tools to work confidently with the tarot, and empower you to tap into your highest wisdom and creativity. Through this experience, you will be inspired and ready to integrate tarot fully into your life, and the results are sure to be magical!

Our first two classes will provide a strong foundation for those just getting started on their tarot journey, and also for those who would like to refresh their knowledge of the major and minor arcana. The later three classes will explore topics of interest for those seeking to deepen their tarot knowledge, experience,  and philosophical approach. Our class environment is supportive, fun, creative, and grounded in research and experience. Expect to learn a lot, do a lot, and meet others who are just as passionate about tarot!  Additional bonus -- if you complete the full course (5 classes), you will receive a certificate to celebrate your achievement!


Does any of this sound like you?

-I would like to finally use my tarot deck without looking up the meanings.

-I know I should trust my intuition... but how?

-I love the idea of tarot, but what IS tarot? 

-How am I supposed to do a reading for myself? Is that OK to do?

-I'm never really sure how to interpret a reversal card.

-The 'dark' cards scare me a bit and would love to avoid them!


If any of this sounds like you, please join us for Tarot School this Spring!


Class dates occur the following Saturdays: 

April 21st

May 5th

May 19th

June 2nd

June 23rd


Class Options:

-(Full Course) You can sign up for the full 5-class course for a discounted price of $260.

-(Partial Course) Or you can sign up for just the last 3 classes if you took our Tarot School course last year or you are a more intermediate/advanced reader with a strong foundation. The last 3 classes are $180 total.


Location:  Chariot, 1421 Commercial St., Astoria, Oregon

Time:  4:00PM-5:30 (dinner break) 7:30-9:00PM


This course is suitable for those who are completely new to Tarot or for those readers who are looking to strengthen their skills.

*Ages 18+


Number of Classes:
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Start your journey with a solid foundation into the origins, history, and tradition surrounding the tarot.  Learn the overarching structure of the deck and its rich cultural and historical symbolism. Begin to lean into the mysteries, and experience the tarot as an ageless source of wisdom and creative inspiration!



We will focus on the lessons inherent in the minor arcana, with special attention to the court cards. Learn how to read the cards with ease and fluidity,  without having to rely on “the guidebook”.



Explore methods to craft meaningful questions and creative spreads for any situation, and practice intuitive exercises to allow deeper and more specific information to rise to the surface. We will also share with you a few of our favorite spreads to help solidify concepts discussed in class.


June 2nd - Class Four:  REVERSALS & KARMIC LESSONS

Unlock the messages in reversed cards, and integrate reversals in your readings. Work with rather than avoid “negative” cards, and learn ways to clarify your interpretations. Explore how karma might  appear in a reading. Use tarot as a tool to co-create a magical future with the Universe!



Explore various philosophical viewpoints within tarot and develop your own approach as a reader. Discover methods of divination & prediction historically connected to the tarot, such as astrology, numerology, and Kabbalah.  Dive into the “big questions” with tarot as your guide.

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What some of our students are saying about our tarot classes:

Honestly, I didn’t expect to learn so much from the very first class. I feel like I can really read into the tarot and see what I didn’t see before. I’m so excited to see what else Suzy and Alana have in store!
— Amy
Even though I’ve been reading the tarot since a teenager, I’ve always felt really overwhelmed by the number of cards and the memorization of each card. This class finally made me feel confident in understanding the deck as a whole. By learning to trust my intuition, I can now ‘read’ the cards. For the first time ever, I don’t feel like I have to reference a book for the meanings!
— Allison
I was surprised to learn about the rich history and tradition of tarot. It felt much more universal and grounded than I realized. Alana and Suzy made the class very approachable and fun, and they helped to build my confidence and skill. I appreciated their in depth understanding of the tarot and their rich experience.
— Jenelle
My confidence has increased 100%. Learning about how and when the cards were developed has immeasurably enriched my work with the tarot. My greatest improvement from this course is my ability to read the cards without constantly referencing the ‘meanings’.
— Kate


Please bring a personal Tarot deck, notebook and pen/pencil for journaling and taking notes. As you learn Tarot, we encourage you to keep a special notebook to record your readings and for your personal reflections. If you do not yet own a Tarot deck, we are happy to loan you one during class. 



Suzy & Alana share a divination business named 'Psychic Siamese Terror' , which was birthed in January 2011. With an early passion for the occult, they have both been studying and practicing the arts of Tarot and Astrology for more than 20 years. This knowledge is at the core of their personal and professional practice. They are currently available for hire for individual readings, private parties, and local events in Astoria and Portland, Oregon.