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Chariot provides professional Tarot and Astrology readings in a variety of heart felt methods.  For more than two decades, Suzy has studied and practiced the arts of Tarot and Astrology.  Her passion is in assisting others to realize their greatest potentials in life, while creating a stronger connection to Spirit.

Through training with numerous astrologers over the years, Suzy has combined traditional and modern astrological methods in her practice. With an ancient Helenistic technique and an ‘evolutionary’ approach, you will gain an empowered and holistic perspective on your natal chart.

To book your appointment, you can purchase one of the offerings below and Suzy will contact you to set a date for your reading. If you would like, you can also email me us through the 'Contact' page on this website. All readings are strictly private and confidential. 

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - Carl Jung

Suzy is a Certified Tarot Professional, recognized by the Tarot Guild. 

Tarot Reading - 1 Hour or 90 Minutes
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Meet with Suzy one on one to receive divine guidance from the tarot. During your reading, she will channel information in order to access answers to your questions and to put you on your very best path to success.

There are spiritual forces that want to assist you in your life, and she can help you access that wisdom. Through a combination of psychic work and tarot, she will be able to give insights for your past, present and future self. Please come with questions and an intention for what knowledge you are seeking.

The session is one hour or for a more in depth reading we offer 90 minutes. The session will take place at Chariot in person or virtually by Skype or phone. 

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Tarot + Astrology Reading - 75 Minutes

Through the combined arts of Tarot and Astrology, we will take an in depth journey into the spirit. This reading will include a review of your unique astrological chart, based on the time of your birth, as well as intuitive guidance from the tarot. We will cover such topics as past life influences, uncovering your unique talents, and spiritual guidance for any questions you may have. This unique tarot and astrology combined reading is especially powerful for gaining insights on your biggest life questions, and for putting you on your best path forward. Through the marriage of divine free will and fate, we unlock your authentic potential.

The session is 75 minutes, and we are able to meet in person at my office or by Skype or phone. You will be sent a copy of your astrological birth chart at the end of our session. 


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Astrology Natal Chart Reading - 1 Hour

Who are you and why are you here? During this reading we will look at the major astrological influences of your natal chart that tell us about your soul purpose and what makes you a one of a kind being on this planet.

The natal chart is based on the exact time and location of your birth. Your personal natal chart shows us the exact unique configuration of the stars and planets at the time of your birth. The sun is our window to the soul, the moon is our heart, and the ascendant is our divine role that we inherit in this lifetime. Each planet’s location gives a vivid story to our life. We will often cover such topics as purpose, career, challenges, relationships, past life influences, and uncovering your unique talents.

If time allows, we may also have time to cover some of the current or future astrological influences in your personal chart.

The session is one hour, and we are able to meet in person at my office or by Skype or phone. You will be sent a copy of your astrological birth chart at the end of our session. 


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Astrology Future Outlook Reading - 1 Hour

The stars can tell us much about our potential future and upcoming life trends. During this reading we will look at the astrological influences for the upcoming year, and how the current planet configurations are affecting you personally. We will reference the transits of the planets as well as other ancient timing techniques.

During the consultation we will also be able to go in depth with questions you may have. With the aid of the stars, Suzy is able to offer coaching and guidance on particular areas of your life.

The session is one hour, and we are able to meet in person at my office or by Skype or phone. You will be sent a copy of your astrological birth chart at the end of our session. 


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I had no idea what to expect. Suzy seemed to know an eerily accurate amount of things about my life. I remember her mentioning I may meet a serious romantic partner in 18 months — and it ended up being 18 months exactly! He is a keeper.
— Betsy
I’m usually a bit wary of other people pulling my (tarot) cards, but I was immediately put at ease. Suzy’s reading was on point, and most of all accurate. She has a true gift for tapping into the energy of the tarot.
— Jacob
I was amazed at how much information and details I received from the astrology reading. Through both astrology and Tarot, Suzy was able to tell me what to expect in the coming months and how to best prepare. She was very professional, prepared and informative!
— Don
I cannot recommend Suzy enough. After every reading I’ve had, I feel so much clarity and confidence. All of my questions are answered — even questions that have to do with business contracts!
— Kate
I had an amazing reading with Suzy. All the questions I had were addressed and she gave me a lot of insight on my current situation with my career and relationship. I feel affirmed I am moving in the right direction.
— Yasmin