Cancer New Moon: Joy + Creativity

Suzy Olsen
cancer new moon flyer-1.jpg

I'm feeling so thankful for this beautiful summer day today on the New Moon in Cancer. This has been a long, dark and cold winter for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, and the clouds have parted. With the welcoming of summer, we have four planets recently entering the sign of Cancer. This water sign is allowing us to get more deeply in touch with our sensitive and inward selves.

Thankfully, the stars have aligned for some highly positive feelings this week. As we look forward to what the Summer season has in store, the overall vibe is lighter and brighter. Cancer is a cardinal sign, thus magnifying the desire to start something new. Through our heightened sensitivities and feelings, we tap into our source of creativity. You may be feeling more inspired around such personal matters as your home, your garden, and your family. Cancer rules our deep connection to home and family. Because Cancer is a water sign, you be feeling drawn to anything water related. Surfs up!

Whatever it is that you feel inspired to start right now, remember to connect with what brings you joy. I'm feeling a big connection with child like energy with this New Moon. We are ready to be feeling not so serious. One month ago now, I adopted my corgi puppy. She is a constant reminder to me to take breaks from work and make time for play. Just because something is fun, doesn't mean it isn't important. Who knows where it may lead you. 

Take a moment today to embrace your inner child and think about what you are connecting with on this Cancer New Moon. 

Happy New Moon + Summer Solstice!

Spirit + Home,