Taurus New Moon: Love + Prosperity

Suzy Olsen

Early tomorrow morning (Wednesday), the New Moon occurs at 6 degrees Taurus. I feel this is a welcome fresh energy that offers much needed grounding for many. Taurus is a steady Earth sign and is ruled by the loving planet -- Venus. Our goals are no longer just in the exciting 'idea' realm. We are now called to birth these ideas into the physical world. 

Taurus rules the area of our wealth and our values. This next lunar cycle may bring us opportunities to increase our prosperity. The money won't just land in our laps, however, we must work for it. We must show the world our 'value' and  allow the rewards to follow.

Mercury is still retrograde until May 3rd, but for a brief period the planet has a friendly trine with Saturn. This further reinforces the New Moon's message that we are working within reality, but we are supported creatively. This sign of Taurus is known for its creativity and steady work ethic. 

When setting intentions for this New Moon, I would suggest focusing on one or all of these questions:

  1.  What talents and abilities do I have currently that I feel are most valuable, and how can I further support those talents? What abilities do I want to further my expertise?
  2. What are my goals to increase prosperity or bring more of what I value into my life?
  3. What idea do I most want to birth into the physical world and have succeed?

Now I've just pulled a couple Tarot cards for further clarification: the Two of Cups and the Eight of Wands. As I've seen in several readings lately, the message of partnership is vital right now. Our co-creators, our friends, our significant others, and business partners will help us to reach our dreams and meet our goals. We are not meant to walk this path alone right now. I also see that opportunities are coming our way very quickly, and we may need to act with speed and efficiency. No need to wait -- the time is now!

Happy New Moon.

Spirit + Home,