Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd

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(This information was originally sent in our New Moon newsletter on July 1st)

Tomorrow at 12:16PM PT, we welcome a new lunar cycle in the sign of the crab.This new moon is extra special because it is a full solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are aligned just right at the time of the new moon. If you happen to live in certain parts of South America, you will be able to see this eclipse in action! For the rest of us, we will be feeling its affects, and seeing its results play out in our lives in various ways.

The new moon occurs in its home sign at 10 degrees of watery Cancer, with the north node nearby. Eclipses occur in pairs, and we will be experiencing the 'lunar' partial eclipse two weeks later in the earth sign of Capricorn. The effects of these eclipses will be played out over the next six months,but we will definitely be getting some hints this month for what is to come.

How might this extra potent new moon affect you? The sign of Cancer is opening new doors in our lives that lead to healing, more intimate connections, as well as anything to do with the home and family.At this time you may be making a big move, purchasing a new home, welcoming a new baby, spending more time with children, inheriting something from your family, visiting loved ones, researching your heritage, or embracing living more in tune with the lunar cycles. All these things are highly Cancerian and they offer us ways to enrich our lives in truly deep and emotional ways.

Tomorrow marks a fresh brand new beginning, especially if Cancer plays a significant role in your chart. I pulled the 'Judgment' tarot card this morning in correspondence to this time. We are experiencing an awakening to a new chapter in our lives, and we have the opportunity to better align ourselves to living better and more authentically to who we are. With a sextile to Uranus, we are able to break free from old patterns that hold us back. We are supported in our pursuit of a bit more freedom from the structures that bind us. When we live in authentic alignment with our soul and our heart, we live in harmony with the universe.

Neptune gives us a little added grace at this transition. There is a flow and an ease that is available to us, and we may feel guided by a higher purpose. This dreamy quality allows us to 'look outside the box', but we might be inundated by the 'endless possibilities'. Know that you don't have to have all the answers now. A path will be made known over time.

With any pivotal new beginnings, comes some birthing pains. Saturn, Pluto and the South node sit opposite this New Moon in the sign of Capricorn. As we pursue our new path, challenges may appear. And with these challenges, new skills must be learned. We are asked to rise to these challenges and make adjustments where needed. The quiet wisdom of divine Saturn tells me that with these new opportunities coming our way, comes much solitary work. We are growing more independent and self reliant. Our growth comes from learning to be more self sufficient. I can also see that we have opportunities to use our talents in a more competitive way, or perhaps at a higher skill set. This could be a great time to take a class or increase your professionalism somehow.

While all these new doors are opening to bring us new opportunities, we are also simultaneously experiencing major endings in our lives. The full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn will arrive on July 16th, and this marks a time of important endings. Six months ago we experienced the solar eclipse in Capricorn, which began the process of these particular endings. Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto have been orchestrating the process of releasing what is no longer serving us. The structures that have been supporting us for some time, may no longer be providing a stable base to stand upon.

Saturn and the South Node, in their innate wisdom, are showing us what we can do without. How can we live more simply in order to focus on what truly matters? How can we let go of more, in order to make room for the life we truly want to live? What may have brought us a sense of security in the past, may now feel like a heavy dead weight. Saturn is creating a new order and a new set of rules for us to live by.

If the eclipses weren't enough action for you, Mercury will be stationing retrograde on July 7th in the sign of mighty Leo. Because of its association with Mars, this may be a particularly hairy time for communication. Be careful not to act on anger or too impulsively around this time, as you may regret your actions later. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo and Cancer until August 1st. During this period, take extra effort to communicate clearly, thoughtfully and plan thoroughly.

All in all, July is jam packed with major shifts and some turbulence. There are, however, plenty of days filled with good opportunities to connect with yourself and others in meaningful and heartfelt ways. Happy new moon and eclipse!

New Moon in Aquarius + Eclipse

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Some new moon ritual inspiration...

Some new moon ritual inspiration...


During the late afternoon or evening yesterday, many of us 'experienced' the New Moon in Aquarius at 27 degrees. This New Moon was a partial solar eclipse, thus giving a little different flavor than a regular New Moon. During an eclipse, actual positive ions are released in the air. This is the opposite of those calming negative ions. So you get the idea!

Aquarius is currently where we find the south node, and this eclipse magnifies the need to release or let go of something. I've noticed several cases around me already of people finally exiting situations that no longer serve them or 'losing' a job that they detested. 

The New Moon trines Uranus, who is still hanging around in fiery Aries. We may find a ourselves with a plethora of new ideas, new projects and feelings of sudden inspiration. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is thus getting a super charge of ideas. Follow these ideas and see where they take you. There may be something dear to your heart that you've always wanted to do, and for some reason or another you keep holding it back. Now be the time to set yourself free somehow in order to realize this dream. 

Mercury will be returning retrograde later next month on March 22nd. If there is indeed a new thing you would like to start, this is an excellent time.Before Mercury goes retrograde. During Mercury retrograde our lives tend to slow down and go more inward. 

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Happy New Moon!

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