New Moon in Capricorn

Suzy Olsen

New Moon in Capricorn

Early this morning we had a New Moon in Capricorn. This is a beautiful time for new beginnings, new intentions and manifesting our dreams. The Moon is all about passion, and Capricorn energy has plenty. Plus, it just so happens we have a New Year starting in just a few days -- perfect timing with all the astrological energy occurring now. Mercury remains retrograde in Capricorn for another 10 days or so, beckoning us to take time to reflect on the past year of 2016. What did you accomplish this year and what do you hope to accomplish in 2017? Capricorn energy is all about ambition, and is especially in tune with our greater purpose in life. Reflect on where have you been successful and productive, and imagine what new opportunities this may awaken for you. This is the ideal time to set your intentions, so take a moment today if you can to jot down some ideas.

Uranus has been retrograde since this past summer, and goes direct tomorrow. This planetary motion going direct fuels our inspiration and creativity. We feel motivated to follow our personal dreams! It seems the 'heavens' are here to support the power of the individual in the New Year. Trust your intuition as you take steps towards your most inspirational goals. 

Saturn, the planet of rules and restrictions, is now in favorable aspect to Uranus and Jupiter. Jupiter means expansion and opportunity. The relationship between these planets is further favoring this time for creativity and originality. New opportunities are going to made available to us, but we must keep working hard and remain open to receive them. Stay positive and keep dreaming.