NEW MOON IN VIRGO: Humble beginnings lead to great rewards.

astrologySuzy Olsen
virgo new moon

Early this Friday morning we will welcome the New Moon in the sign of the earth goddess. The moon will join the sun at six degrees Virgo at exactly 3:37AM PT. Just before the time of the new moon, Mercury will also enter Virgo... where it is most happy to assist us in organizing and 'editing' our lives. Not only do we have Mercury and the new moon in Virgo, but we also have Venus and Mars sharing this part of the sky. We are entering an extremely potent Virgo cycle, and you'll want to make the most of it!

As with any new moon, this is an excellent time to start something new. In Virgo, we look to how we can live healthier and more productive lives. Virgo is the mutable earth sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, and this emphasizes our need to reorganize certain areas of our life. This is an excellent time to Marie Kondo or de-clutter your home or work space. Improving your physical environment can make all the difference in your stress level and productivity. My guess is, many of you will be feeling inspired to de-clutter and start fresh in various areas of your life.

Mysterious Neptune in Pisces is opposite the Virgo party, challenging the lovely Venus. With this particular aspect, along with the extra intense Virgo energy at this time, there may be a tendency to strive for unreachable perfection. You may be tempted to compare yourself to others, and to only see your flaws. You may think that others are living these ideal and perfect lives, and what am I doing wrong? Perfectionism is an illusion, and we are all flawed and struggling in our own ways. Continually comparing ourselves will only cause anxiety and keep us from reaching our goals.

How we counteract any anxiety coming up over the next couple weeks, is to focus on our tasks at hand and our daily rituals. Try making a to do list for each day, and be practical about what you can accomplish. In the sign of Virgo, our work and our service to others is sacred. Treat your chores and your daily work activities as divine acts -- similar to a Buddhist monk sweeping the temple floors. Find joy in finishing tasks and checking off your to-do lists. The next couple weeks can be an extremely productive time!

The new moon makes a grand earth trine to Uranus and Saturn, promising the breaking of old habits and creating long term success. Having all this earth energy in our favor makes this a great time to begin a new health routine or to finally finish a long term project. I will be beginning a liver cleanse at this time, and commit to making some adjustments to my diet that are long overdue. Uranus allows us to finally break free from limitations and start fresh. Saturn removes any unneeded excess and promises long term results. If you've been wanting to break a bad habit, I can't think of a better time to start than this Virgo new moon.

Another likely scenario, is that you may feel inspired to wrap up a big project at work. This Virgo energy gives us the tools to put our noses to the grindstone, and work through detail oriented tasks. Being able to finish old projects and clear off our desks, allows us to energetically shift towards new creative projects and fresh bright ideas. So if you've been avoiding a tedious task, you may feel inspired to finally tackle it with fervor.

Lastly, another message I am receiving is the importance of removing the ego at this time. As we fully leave the Leo season, we are inhabiting a time of humble and practical ambitions. Our lives can be squandered if we spend too much time only focusing on the grand future goals. Virgo season calls us to be grounded and celebrate the small victories. Our focus turns to what we can do for others and how we can more purely align with our spirit. This grounds us and gives us the needed clarity for what our goals truly are. On this Virgo new moon, may we all de-clutter and build a firm foundation for the fall season.