NEW MOON IN VIRGO: Humble beginnings lead to great rewards.

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virgo new moon

Early this Friday morning we will welcome the New Moon in the sign of the earth goddess. The moon will join the sun at six degrees Virgo at exactly 3:37AM PT. Just before the time of the new moon, Mercury will also enter Virgo... where it is most happy to assist us in organizing and 'editing' our lives. Not only do we have Mercury and the new moon in Virgo, but we also have Venus and Mars sharing this part of the sky. We are entering an extremely potent Virgo cycle, and you'll want to make the most of it!

As with any new moon, this is an excellent time to start something new. In Virgo, we look to how we can live healthier and more productive lives. Virgo is the mutable earth sign, ruled by the planet Mercury, and this emphasizes our need to reorganize certain areas of our life. This is an excellent time to Marie Kondo or de-clutter your home or work space. Improving your physical environment can make all the difference in your stress level and productivity. My guess is, many of you will be feeling inspired to de-clutter and start fresh in various areas of your life.

Mysterious Neptune in Pisces is opposite the Virgo party, challenging the lovely Venus. With this particular aspect, along with the extra intense Virgo energy at this time, there may be a tendency to strive for unreachable perfection. You may be tempted to compare yourself to others, and to only see your flaws. You may think that others are living these ideal and perfect lives, and what am I doing wrong? Perfectionism is an illusion, and we are all flawed and struggling in our own ways. Continually comparing ourselves will only cause anxiety and keep us from reaching our goals.

How we counteract any anxiety coming up over the next couple weeks, is to focus on our tasks at hand and our daily rituals. Try making a to do list for each day, and be practical about what you can accomplish. In the sign of Virgo, our work and our service to others is sacred. Treat your chores and your daily work activities as divine acts -- similar to a Buddhist monk sweeping the temple floors. Find joy in finishing tasks and checking off your to-do lists. The next couple weeks can be an extremely productive time!

The new moon makes a grand earth trine to Uranus and Saturn, promising the breaking of old habits and creating long term success. Having all this earth energy in our favor makes this a great time to begin a new health routine or to finally finish a long term project. I will be beginning a liver cleanse at this time, and commit to making some adjustments to my diet that are long overdue. Uranus allows us to finally break free from limitations and start fresh. Saturn removes any unneeded excess and promises long term results. If you've been wanting to break a bad habit, I can't think of a better time to start than this Virgo new moon.

Another likely scenario, is that you may feel inspired to wrap up a big project at work. This Virgo energy gives us the tools to put our noses to the grindstone, and work through detail oriented tasks. Being able to finish old projects and clear off our desks, allows us to energetically shift towards new creative projects and fresh bright ideas. So if you've been avoiding a tedious task, you may feel inspired to finally tackle it with fervor.

Lastly, another message I am receiving is the importance of removing the ego at this time. As we fully leave the Leo season, we are inhabiting a time of humble and practical ambitions. Our lives can be squandered if we spend too much time only focusing on the grand future goals. Virgo season calls us to be grounded and celebrate the small victories. Our focus turns to what we can do for others and how we can more purely align with our spirit. This grounds us and gives us the needed clarity for what our goals truly are. On this Virgo new moon, may we all de-clutter and build a firm foundation for the fall season.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd

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(This information was originally sent in our New Moon newsletter on July 1st)

Tomorrow at 12:16PM PT, we welcome a new lunar cycle in the sign of the crab.This new moon is extra special because it is a full solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are aligned just right at the time of the new moon. If you happen to live in certain parts of South America, you will be able to see this eclipse in action! For the rest of us, we will be feeling its affects, and seeing its results play out in our lives in various ways.

The new moon occurs in its home sign at 10 degrees of watery Cancer, with the north node nearby. Eclipses occur in pairs, and we will be experiencing the 'lunar' partial eclipse two weeks later in the earth sign of Capricorn. The effects of these eclipses will be played out over the next six months,but we will definitely be getting some hints this month for what is to come.

How might this extra potent new moon affect you? The sign of Cancer is opening new doors in our lives that lead to healing, more intimate connections, as well as anything to do with the home and family.At this time you may be making a big move, purchasing a new home, welcoming a new baby, spending more time with children, inheriting something from your family, visiting loved ones, researching your heritage, or embracing living more in tune with the lunar cycles. All these things are highly Cancerian and they offer us ways to enrich our lives in truly deep and emotional ways.

Tomorrow marks a fresh brand new beginning, especially if Cancer plays a significant role in your chart. I pulled the 'Judgment' tarot card this morning in correspondence to this time. We are experiencing an awakening to a new chapter in our lives, and we have the opportunity to better align ourselves to living better and more authentically to who we are. With a sextile to Uranus, we are able to break free from old patterns that hold us back. We are supported in our pursuit of a bit more freedom from the structures that bind us. When we live in authentic alignment with our soul and our heart, we live in harmony with the universe.

Neptune gives us a little added grace at this transition. There is a flow and an ease that is available to us, and we may feel guided by a higher purpose. This dreamy quality allows us to 'look outside the box', but we might be inundated by the 'endless possibilities'. Know that you don't have to have all the answers now. A path will be made known over time.

With any pivotal new beginnings, comes some birthing pains. Saturn, Pluto and the South node sit opposite this New Moon in the sign of Capricorn. As we pursue our new path, challenges may appear. And with these challenges, new skills must be learned. We are asked to rise to these challenges and make adjustments where needed. The quiet wisdom of divine Saturn tells me that with these new opportunities coming our way, comes much solitary work. We are growing more independent and self reliant. Our growth comes from learning to be more self sufficient. I can also see that we have opportunities to use our talents in a more competitive way, or perhaps at a higher skill set. This could be a great time to take a class or increase your professionalism somehow.

While all these new doors are opening to bring us new opportunities, we are also simultaneously experiencing major endings in our lives. The full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn will arrive on July 16th, and this marks a time of important endings. Six months ago we experienced the solar eclipse in Capricorn, which began the process of these particular endings. Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto have been orchestrating the process of releasing what is no longer serving us. The structures that have been supporting us for some time, may no longer be providing a stable base to stand upon.

Saturn and the South Node, in their innate wisdom, are showing us what we can do without. How can we live more simply in order to focus on what truly matters? How can we let go of more, in order to make room for the life we truly want to live? What may have brought us a sense of security in the past, may now feel like a heavy dead weight. Saturn is creating a new order and a new set of rules for us to live by.

If the eclipses weren't enough action for you, Mercury will be stationing retrograde on July 7th in the sign of mighty Leo. Because of its association with Mars, this may be a particularly hairy time for communication. Be careful not to act on anger or too impulsively around this time, as you may regret your actions later. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo and Cancer until August 1st. During this period, take extra effort to communicate clearly, thoughtfully and plan thoroughly.

All in all, July is jam packed with major shifts and some turbulence. There are, however, plenty of days filled with good opportunities to connect with yourself and others in meaningful and heartfelt ways. Happy new moon and eclipse!

New Moon in Gemini: the Wisdom of the Twins Awakens

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Gemini New Moon 2019.jpg

During the early morning of Monday,  June 3rd at 3:02AM PT, the moon will conjoin the sun in the sign of the twins. We are deep within Gemini season, which typically brings plenty of activity our way.  If we are open to this highly active energy, we will find ourselves feeling extra curious and seeking to interact with our surrounding world in interesting new ways. 

You may have noticed that you did not receive a newsletter for the new moon last month. You are not wrong! At the time of the Taurus new moon, I was hosting the Beltane retreat and feeling a need for extra rest. Venus ruled Taurus tells us to 'stop and smell the roses', and that sometimes we must slow down in order to live life to the fullest. Instead of rushing to finish the newsletter, I decided to honor the season and to use the time to better connect with myself and to mother earth. I ate great food and did plenty of laying in the sun surrounded by blooming flowers. Perfect Taurus activities! The Taurus new moon this year was especially auspicious, and I hope you were all able to take some leisure time to enjoy it. 

As you can imagine, the new moon in Gemini has a very different story to tell. As we begin this new lunar cycle, we are asked to be flexible and to remain ever curious. The mutable air energy may be pulling us in several different directions at once. It is up to you to decide what is worthy of your attention. One word: 'prioritize'. 

With a square from Neptune, our original plans may be thwarted or tweaked. Nothing is exactly as it seems, and you may need to do more maneuvering than you are used to. It is OK to have a master plan, but know that plans may need to be adjusted at a moment's notice. Others may be withholding information from you or you may be feeling unsure of yourself or both. Be mindful over the next week and trust that everything will work out in the end as it should.  

The retrograde Jupiter opposes the new moon, and gives us a chance to come back to something grand. We may be revisiting or restarting a beneficial project, partnership or you name it. Regardless, you are probably feeling some excitement and enthusiasm for something new entering your life at this time. Because of the square to Neptune, I would advise having some caution. The grand plans or ideas may not be entirely held in reality at this point, so keep this in mind when moving forward. 

Though our minds may be racing with ideas, we may find that those ideas aren't quite ready to take off. The Jupiter opposition may lift airy Gemini high off the ground, but with nowhere to land. As a result, you may feel your body can't keep up. All the inspiration in the world doesn't necessarily translate to productivity. Give yourself some patience as you move forward, and honor your limitations. 

All in all, this new moon lends itself to a time of great creativity and potential fun. Gemini season connects us with what keeps us young: staying curious, being open to new opportunities, seeking fun, and remaining adaptable to our surroundings. If you think about it, these are truly the qualities of 'youth' ...regardless of your age. The wisdom of Gemini is being able to react and adapt quickly to whatever situation comes your way. 

If difficult feelings do arise in the next couple weeks, consider some Gemini style remedies. Talk about those feelings! Geminis are known for their chatty side, which can be very therapeutic when shared with close friends. If talking doesn't feel right, take some time to do something fun and with movement. Some fun Gemini activities could be roller skating, dancing or going on a road trip. Follow your divine curiosity! 

New Moon in Aries: Paving our unique path.

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Mercury has been direct for a few days now and it feels as if spring has truly begun. The next new moon occurs on April 5th at 1:50AM PT in the mighty sign of the warrior. Two weeks ago, the equinox occurred with a full moon in Libra and now we welcome the new lunation at the very center of Aries. 

As we plant the proverbial seeds this spring season, we are being asked to show up with courage and bravery. Aries beckons us to embark on a new and exciting journey. We must pave our own path in a unique and authentic manner. What is this new path you may ask? It should be whatever we are feeling most excited about right now. What is lighting you up most? Perhaps we have been putting off starting something new because of all sorts of excuses. During Aries season, however, there is a passion brewing within us. May this fiery passion ignite this new path and give us the courage to finally take the next steps. 

The new moon has a fiery optimistic side to it, as Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a joyous trine. It's as if our enthusiasm is boundless and our creativity has no limits. Depending on where this new moon occurs in your chart, you may be enthusiastically opening up to a new love relationship, a new home, a new child, a new job, learning a new skill or some other exciting new beginning. We should all be taking advantage of this prosperous Jupiter energy, and allow ourselves some time to follow our 'bliss' during the week following the new moon. 

I'm sorry to say, but this time is not all about what brings us joy. At the same time as the new moon, we will also experience a Pluto, South Node and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn making a hard square to the lunation. I've spoken about all the Capricorn activity before, and now we get to experience the rare occurrence of these planets finally meeting the karmic south node.

First of all, this may feel a bit uncomfortable for many of you. It may feel very uncomfortable, in fact, depending on how it occurs in your own personal chart. For example, some of us born around 1982 will have this Capricorn flurry meeting their natal south node. Hey that's me! This time will be extra potent for releasing old karmic cycles. In general, for all of us, we will be going through a period of transformation of some kind. The universe is asking us to release what is no longer working for us. To let go of what is keeping us from paving our new path to our more authentic selves. 

Pluto shows us what must be sacrificed and released for our well being. The south node confronts us with a certain truth from our karmic past, and a pattern that must be broken. Saturn, the wise one, teaches us that we are stronger than we know. We must accept the necessary changes in order for us to continue to grow and be prosperous long term. 

In summary, we are being asked to release the old in order to usher in the new blessings into our lives. The Aries new moon may give us the courage to make a difficult decision or to view this time as a creative opportunity. We will be experiencing the impact of these occurrences for a long time to come, and the positive steps we take now will make a difference. So make sure to take advantage of any positive momentum during the week following the new moon, and begin paving your unique path!

Spirit + Home,


New Moon in Sagittarius: Dare to dream big.

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Artwork by Renee Staeck

Artwork by Renee Staeck

Tomorrow, the moon joins the sun at 11:20pm PT in the exact center of fiery Sagittarius. What I find most interesting about this new lunar phase is we are learning about how Jupiter in Sagittarius will be influencing our lives over the coming year. As I stated in the previous newsletter, Jupiter entered its home sign of the mighty 'archer' last month. Jupiter in Sagittarius is an exciting transit for working with manifestation, as Jupiter will be more optimal for granting us gifts and blessings this year. 

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. The mighty archer gives us a feeling of inspiration and will power to go after our dreams. We discover what it is that we desire and we take aim. We may not always hit the mark, so we adjust and take aim again. This mutable energy lends itself towards having a 'flexible' attitude. We may need to adapt to our ever changing conditions and surroundings as we travel over the next few months.

Mercury has been retrograde for the past few weeks. On the very same day as the new moon, Mercury stations direct at 27 degrees Scorpio. Whew! This is probably a welcome shift for many. If you have been frustrated by travel delays, technical glitches or communication mishaps, you should soon be feeling some relief. The actual day of the new moon may be tricky as Mercury stations, but we will experience smoother sailing in the next few days.

Since the beginning of the month, Mars has been squaring the sun. I sense that many people have been pushing themselves hard this past week in order to complete a task, deadline or goal of some kind. With this extra 'push', we may be feeling extra irritated. There is a tension building as we approach the new moon. We are probably feeling extra motivated (or pressured by others) to keep up this strenuous pace, but this does not look to be a sustainable method. 

On the day of the new moon, Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. The watery and calming nature of Neptune dissolves the fiery flames of Mars. The tension that has been building is released somehow. At this time we may be feeling more low energy or perhaps even become sick. On a more upbeat note, we may be shown the larger perspective about a situation and feel more empathy. The day of the new moon would be an excellent time to take a break. Allow yourself to slow down enough to catch your breath. 

Many of us battle regular anxiety. Something about this new lunar phase is highlighting how we deal or cope with our anxiety. I'm sensing that whatever anxious feelings come up at this time are acting as an opportunity for discovering our actual selves. This can be a moment for real spiritual growth. Neptune in Pisces activates us towards returning to self care practices or learning new calming techniques. If you have a meditation practice or are interested in meditation, this would be an excellent day to deepen your connection with this practice. Take a moment to breath and reconnect with the self. 

Despite whatever challenges we currently face, Jupiter is connected with this new moon and offering some of its potent magic. What we put forward now will produce impactful and joyous results six months from now at the time of the full moon in Sagittarius. But these gifts won't simply be given to us, we must put in the work. At this time and through the rest of December, we are called to reflect on what we hope to manifest in 2019.

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to help initiate our goals and dreams: 

  • What projects am I finishing up in 2018?

  • What goals did I reach in 2018? 

  • What is no longer a goal or important to me?

  • What am I still working towards? 

  • What will make me feel more prosperous or abundant?

  • What do I want more of in 2019?

  • What is something brand new I'd like to manifest in 2019?

  • Is there one word that reflects my intention for the new year?

As we approach the winter solstice, we are wrapping up a lot at the end of 2018. This is the darkest part of the year, and much like the energy of a new moon.We are called to go within and dream. This is often one of the busiest times of year, so schedule some down time if you can. Our intuition works best when we give ourselves a little bit of peace and quiet. 

Blessings to you on this new moon and the new year! 

New Moon in Libra: A Beacon of Hope

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Artwork by: Cosmik Dust

Artwork by: Cosmik Dust

Yesterday evening, at 8:47 PT, the moon joined the sun in the sign of the scales. We are now at the heart of Libra, and experiencing the beauty of autumn and harvest season. Libra is all about our relationships, beauty, harmony and balance. We may assume this new moon is about how we bring 'balance' into our lives, but I see a much more nuanced message here. 

The moon is in difficult aspect to Pluto, making a square to this slow moving planet in Capricorn. This tells me we are experiencing the beginning of some BIG changes in our society, but these changes will take time and effort to reach fruition. It can take more than 12 years for Pluto to transit one sign, and thus we may not see the huge results for another decade. Still... our small efforts put forward now will be mirrored by the collective, and positive societal shifts are eventually possible. At this moment we are able to see with more clarity where imbalance and unfairness still exists in our communities, our governments, and the structures that have beenlong standing. With this clarity, comes some distress, but also hope that change is possible. The scales of Libra yearn for justice. 

Our biggest challenge is perhaps being able to face these current challenges with continued optimism and with hope. We do have some assistance from another air sign Aquarius. The new moon is in positive aspect to Mars in Aquarius. We are motivated to put our thoughts and actions out into the world, and in an authentic and powerful way. 

Libra is ruled by Venus, so we have much more to add to this story. On October 5th, Venus stationed retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. She is traveling in the shadows now, and this may feel a bit uncomfortable. This Venus transit will last till November 16th. During this time, we may be struggling with some internalized emotions. Feelings of jealousy, obsession, power struggles or betrayal may be coming up for us now. We may even have a secret that becomes all consuming. 

During this Venus retrograde time, it is helpful to make this energy constructive somehow. What truths are our emotions telling us? Bottling up these feelings would be harmful, but being overly reactive would not be helpful either. Think of ways to process any difficult emotions in a constructive manner, whether through journaling, therapy or your art. This has the potential for a powerfully creative time. 

Venus in Scorpio, in an empowering sense, makes me think of the High Priestess in tarot. The wise female sage of the tarot. This energy is inward but powerful. Dark and mysterious. The High Priestess exerts her feminine power only when necessary, and her words and actions are thoroughly planned. She is willing to peer into the darkness and face her fears, knowing this is the only way to positive transformation. As we approach Halloween, Venus seems to be going full witch!

In an aesthetic sense, because Venus rules beauty and design, we may find ourselves drawn to darker colors. We may find beauty in what is normally scary or unnerving. I like to think Venus in Scorpio is the perfect time to connect with our inner 'Goth'. It's time to plan an extra extravagant costume and go deep with this Scorpio mood. 

Here is a mantra to welcome this new moon in Libra and for manifestation. If these words resonate with you, you are welcome to use them in your own ritual:

I welcome beauty, harmony and love into my life. 
I am a loyal friend and I cherish my friendships.
I welcome exciting new opportunities and adventures. 
I feel love deeply and I express my love authentically.
I can overcome any challenges with ease and wisdom.
I do not need to strive for perfection and I embrace all sides of myself.

New Moon in Virgo: an Earth portal awakens..

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Photo/Artwork by:  JINGNA ZHANG

Photo/Artwork by: JINGNA ZHANG

This Sunday, the sun and the moon join once again, in the sign of the Earth Goddess. The new moon in Virgo occurs precisely at 11:01AM (PT), and there is much to say about the beginning of this new lunar cycle.

Virgo shows us the importance of connecting with the earthly realm: our bodies, the mother earth and our physical spaces. This goddess teaches us the vitality of organizing our lives, living healthy and clean, not shying away from our responsibilities, and being of service to ourselves and others. On this new moon, may we perform great healing in the earthly realm of our lives. 

The new moon trines Pluto, motivating us to transform our lives in powerful ways. We may be able to better recognize our negative habits and release them with passion and conviction. If you are thinking about starting a healthier diet, a new exercise routine, quitting smoking, or beginning a healthier lifestyle of any kind -- this is an excellent time. You will find more willpower than usual to bring about positive changes.  

Neptune is in direct opposition to the new moon, which gives us a clue as to how we should best harness the magic of this time. In order to access our intuition and powers of manifestation, we should make time for quiet reflection or meditation type practices. There is a need to quiet the mind to truly receive the inspiration and needed clarity in how to move forward with this Virgo energy.

With the moon sextiling Jupiter as well, there is a great opportunity for creativity and exciting new opportunities to expand our horizons. 

A grand earth trine appears at the time of the new moon as well. This grand trine acts as a magical portal, allowing us to manifest our dreams into physical reality.  Mercury in Virgo gives us the ability to pay attention to necessary details. Saturn in Capricorn gives us the discipline to do the work and be patient with the outcomes. Then finally, Uranus in Taurus is allowing us to break free from our old and tired routines with brand new opportunities. With this mighty trio, we are able to make great and lasting changes in our lives. We feel ready for new and exciting challenges.

There may be opportunities for us to take risks at this time, in order to achieve long term rewards. We could be looking at opportunities for investments, changing jobs, remodeling a home, growing our family, or looking to start a new business. Now is the time to look at what structures we have outgrown, and where can we re-direct those energies. How can we build a new foundation that is more fitting of who we have become?

On the very day of the New Moon, Venus enters the water sign of Scorpio. We may find that our passions are heightened, and we desire our relationships to go deeper. There is a sensual nature to Scorpio, where we can't help but 'feel' the intensity of our longings. Venus is joining Jupiter, making the next month or so an extra fertile time for love and creativity. 

If you have been feeling hyper critical of yourself in the past couple weeks, you are not alone. There has been a mounting pressure of 'internal doubt' making us perhaps ask why we have not achieved certain goals yet or accomplished a certain level of status. As Saturn moves forward in Capricorn, we should feel more productive -- despite what challenges surface along our path. May this new moon re-inspire us to to connect with our goals in a more productive way and to live our lives with purpose and in good health.

Take a moment to tap into this grand earth magic and manifest some dreams. 




GEMINI NEW MOON: The Twin Flames Tell a Story

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Artwork by Trungles.

Artwork by Trungles.

Tomorrow, at 12:43pm, we welcome the Gemini New Moon. This relatively quiet moon, in the sign of the twins, has a story to tell us. Gemini is ever curious and yearning to learn more, do more and be entertained along the way. When this mercurial energy is overly stifled or contained, we feel anxious and bored with life. The flame within us begins to lose it's vibrancy, or it engulfs us in its yearning. 

The sign of Gemini is known for having its two extreme sides. There is duality here, like two sides of a coin or Yin Yang. Highly mercurial in nature, Gemini energy quickly goes from over-thinking and heavy moodiness to bright, cheerful and life of the party!  This New Moon may have each of us examiningwhere we feel these mood swings in our life, and perhaps where we are looking to shed our 'shadow' selves in order brighten our inner flame. 

Gemini's ruler is Mercury, which recently entered the sign of Cancer. The'storyteller' is perhaps my favorite archetype for the sign of Gemini. Through the lens of Cancer, the story we are now telling is one of nurturing, kindness and healing. We can each communicate with a little more clarity and ask for support where it is needed. 

Whatever is making us feel anxious now can be used to fuel this new lunar cycle in an inspiring and uplifting way. It much depends on the story we are telling ourselves and others along the way. As we embrace our 'brighter' and 'lighter' selves, we open ourselves up to being curious and our creativity flows. Let this Gemini moon be a catalyst to inspire you to learn something new or tell your personal story in a new way. 

Here are some short intuitive/horoscope readings for the New Moon in Gemini. For most accurate readings, start by reading your ascendant sign, then you can follow with your Sun and Moon for further information. If you are unsure of your ascendant sign, you can contact me for assistance.

You may be feeling extra sensitive at this time, and confused on what path to take. It is important that you allow these feeling to be processed. Writing and journaling  would be an excellent activity over the next few days. Don't hesitate to reach out to your loved ones to talk about any heavy emotions that may be coming up for you. 

Your work may be feeling less fulfilling these days, or perhaps you don't feel recognized for efforts. It may be time for a change! What could give you more of a sense of purpose? You may be setting your sights on learning some new skills.

Big things are on the horizon for you dear Gemini. What you are starting now will have a big effect on the upcoming year. The first changes start from within. You may need to adjust your outlook on the future somehow. What is burning within you?

Your powers of intuition are strong with this new moon. Pay attention to all the psychic downloads you are receiving.  This information should be offering you much clarity on a particular situation. Give yourself plenty of alone time, as you seem to be yearning for that especially right now. Follow your bliss.

You are standing strong like the lion you are. Whatever challenges are coming up for you now, you have what it takes to endure with grace. You may be reassessing some longer term goals at this time. Reconnect with your long term goals and focus on the bigger picture. Have patience and know that good things come with time. 

You may be starting a new job or making a career shift. You will feel acknowledged for your talents somehow. Look at ways you can bring a little more fun into your career and focus on your creative strengths.

This is a very interesting New Moon for you, as your belief systems are changing. Through your own personal spiritual evolution, you are able to see the world differently than previously. You may be questioning the status quo, old ways of living, or those in authority. 

There may be disturbances within your family or joint resources that require your attention. You are being asked to reconnect with family and to lead the way to a more prosperous future. You can use your excellent intuition about finances in order to invest wisely. This is a time for renewal and regeneration for you and your loved ones. 

You may be releasing a toxic relationship or partnership from your life at this time. You will feel the weight lift and feel a renewed sense of harmony in your life. Embrace those relationships in your life that lift you up. 

There is a greater focus on your daily routines at this time, including your health and your work. Your goals appear very results oriented and strict in nature. Be careful of becoming overly self critical or rigid in your pursuits. Allow yourself to make mistakes and see the humor in life. No one is perfect. Make some room for spontaneous indulgence or fun, and this will keep your spirits high. 

Hold tight dear Aquarius. There may be some delays on creative projects or fun pursuits at this time. Know that what you are envisioning now, will come to be with time. Take advantage of whatever down time is available now. Hold onto your inner vision but allow yourself to relax. Next month is going to be full speed ahead!

You are experiencing a new found stability at home and with family. Summer looks to be a time of joy for you and your family. If you have been thinking of upgrading your home with a major remodel or a new house, this is an excellent time to start. Take the lead and pursuit the vision for your ideal home. 

Aries New Moon: Unleashing our inner Rebel

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This evening at 6:57 PT, we welcome the New Moon in Aries. We have reason to feel celebratory about welcoming this new chapter. Over the past 4-6 weeks we have experienced several ups and downs with several challenges in our path. We have worked extremely hard to keep up with the pace. And if you kept up with the fast pace, all the while keeping your health and well being in check, you deserve a little celebration!

Mercury has been retrograde for several weeks and turns direct today, the very day of the New Moon. During these retrograde periods we often re-visit old lessons and experience old challenges in new ways. Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation, but there is a purpose behind this planet of communication. During retrograde periods we get another chance to get things right and improve ourselves in deeply healing ways. Mercury is actually retrograde in my natal chart, so I tend to think that I have a kind of respect for these necessary periods of retraction. 

Directly after my return from a vacation in Thailand this early March, Mercury began its retrograde cycle. It was a tad difficult coming back to 'real life'with multiple demanding deadlines, and all the while combating jet lag and missing the glorious sunshine. What I've learned over the past few weeks is I don't have to come back to my 'old self'. I need to continue to develop ways of working and living my life that are healthier and more productive. I've tapped into some practices that are allowing me to be more in flow with myself and with my work. This is Mercury providing its medicine. 

The New Moon in Aries marks our true beginning to the Astrological new year, and it sits conjunct Uranus. What does that tell us? What we are beginning now feels fresh, creative and very alive! Uranus is a peculiar planet and does not like to adhere by the rules, which further stokes the fires of rebellious Aries. We may feel a burning fire within us, calling on us to move outside of our usual boundaries. Perhaps outside of the boundaries that society and good manners dictates. One of my favorite archetypes for Aries is in fact 'The Rebel'. 

Saturn, Mars and Pluto are all residing in steady Capricorn, and thus squaring this New Moon energy. This conflict in energies shows that in order to break free and express ourselves authentically, we will perhaps need to upset the status quo.  Most likely there will be an ongoing process in dismantling old ways and behaviors. There is a new and more authentic you working its way through to be made free. 

On this New Moon day, take a moment to reflect on the lessons over the past Mercury Retrograde cycle. See what new tools can serve you in moving forward in this new lunar cycle. And if it serves you, don't be afraid to embrace your inner rebel as you look towards achieving your newest goals. Let the Aries fire inspire you! 



New Moon in Pisces: A time for healing.

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Early this morning the New Moon occurred in the late degrees of watery Pisces. This New Moon is especially potent with healing energy as it conjuncts 'the healer' Chiron and embodies the sensitive and supportive qualities of Pisces. This weekend we are given a chance to fully embrace the Pisces season before we move into Spring and Aries season. I've found myself feeling especially reflective on my own spirituality at this time. Pisces allows us to re-connect with our inner selves, our unconscious selves, and to feel a deeper connection to the energies that are beyond our 'material' realm. 

Expansive Jupiter is trining the New Moon, which may be giving you some special opportunities and abundance at this time. Depending on where the moon and Jupiter are in your chart, may indicate where these opportunities show up for you. As with any New Moon, this is the time to dream about what you'd like to manifest into existence. With a Pisces New Moon trining Jupiter, we are encouraged to really dream big. Start with the big dream, then think about the next steps you can take to reach that goal... no matter how distant that goal may be. 

About a week ago, I returned from a two week trip to Thailand. The photo above is of a Buddhist temple I visited in Chiang Mai during the full moon. I thought this image was appropriate in reflecting the nature of this Pisces time. Enjoy these last days of Pisces energy, before we fully move into fiery Aries. The last couple weeks of March look jam packed with activity!

If you are curious about learning about your own Astrological chart, you are very welcome to reach out to me for a consultation. 

Happy new moon and many blessings to you for the upcoming Vernal Equinox.